Raffism ‪[‬now‪]

Raffism ‪[‬now‪]

29.1.2016 - 12.3.2016

Curator: Noemi Givon

‪”‬In fifty years things will straighten up‪,‬ and on a sunny Saturday a family will go out and visit the ‪’‬Raffi Lavie Museum‪'”‬

‏Adam Baruch‪,‬ ‪”‬Raffi Lavie‪.‬ A bit of Hysteria‪,‬ Please”‬‪, Haaretz‪,‬ 19 may 2003

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Raffi Lavie, Untitled, 2000, Acrylic and pencil on plywood, 122×121 cm

Raffi Lavie, Balcony movie, 2003, 3:27 min.

Raffi Lavie, Home Movie, 2003, 5:18 min.


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