Pinchas Cohen Gan

Born in 1942 in Meknes, Morocco. Immigrated to Israel in 1949.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv

1967-70 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Academy of Art, Jerusalem
1971 Central School of Art, London
1971-73 B.A. social sciences and art, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1975-77 M.F.A. in arts, Columbia University of Arts, New York

1971-75 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Awards and Prizes
1978 America-Israel Cultural Foundation
1978 Isaac Stern Creativity Prize
1979 Sandberg Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1991 Eugene Kolb Prize for Israeli Graphics
1991 Minister of Education Prize
1999 Acquisition Prize, Tel Aviv Museum
2005 Prize for Life’s Work in Plastic Art, Ministry of Education
2005 Gan was awarded the Dizengoff Prize for Painting.
2008 The Israel Prize in painting.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 Painting is nothing but a religious dedication , Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
  “When My Redemption Comes I Shall Treasure My Tears: Works 1970–Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Galia Bar Or (catalogue)
2008  “Large Format Works”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006  “The Art of Excess”, Gallery of the Art Institute, Oranim College; curator:David Wakstein (catalogue)
2001  “A Response to the Aesthetics of Evil in the Third Reich from the Viewpoint of a Levantine Jew”, Installation in painting, sculpture and books, Kibbutz Nirim
2000  The Architecture of Evil in the Third Reich: A Tri-Thematic Installation in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)
1997  Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Where Are We Heading?: Blind Obedience to an Immoral Duty”, Minerva Gallery, Tel Aviv
1996  “Figure, Form, Formula”, Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina; curators: Ruth Beesch, Kristine Stiles (catalogue)
1994  “Remaking of History”, Museum of Art, Ein Harod; curator: Galia Bar Or
1993  “Religious Art:They and We”, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992  “And These Are the Names”, Istanbul International Art Biennial; curator:Galia Bar Or
“Works on Paper 1969-1992”, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Talia Rapaport (catalogue)
1990  “Paintings Remember”, Artists Studio, Tel Aviv
“New Works: Anafranil 25 mg”, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
“From the Private I to Inside Me”, Arad Museum
1989  “The Fourth World”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
“Jew”, Maimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
A Thousand Years of Pain and Grace”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1988  “Prints 1968-1988”, Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan; curator: Mordechai Omer
“Cosmos, Pathos, Chaos”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987  Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot Gallery; Kibbutz Kabri Gallery
“Paintings”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Hovering Heads”, Maimad Katan Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Ten Commandments (Decalogue): Paintings”, Maimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Pictures Speak: Paintings from the Bank of Tears”,
1986  “Paintings”, Maimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
“A Jewish Holocaust Touches Me”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
“Painting and Antithesis”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1985  “Metaformal Art”, Tat-Rama Gallery, Tel Aviv
“The 15th District”, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Homeland B: A Painting Model”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1984  “Works”, Sara Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem
“Reinforced Photography”, Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv
1983  Museum of Art, Ein Harod, and Haifa Museum of Art; curators: Galia Bar Or, Mordechai Omer, Gavriel Tadmor (catalogue)
1982  San Francisco Art Institute; curator: Mark Rosenthal (catalogue)
“Black Sabbath”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York
“Abyss Painting”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
“Sweet Poison: Light-Sensitive Drawings”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
“Men at Work: Seven Large Paintings”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1981 “Works on Paper”, Galleriet Gallery, Lund, Sweden
“Deductive Premises: The Curved Space (Non-Euclidean Geometry)”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York
“Image Drawings: The Curved Space (Non-Euclidean Geometry)”, Noemi Givon Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (catalogue)
“Area Drawings”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
“Space Drawings”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1980 Max Protetch Gallery, New York
“Phrase, Utterance, Claim”, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Deductive Premises in Space: 1. Entropy (painting); 2. Imprisoned Geometry (etching)”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1979  “Deductive Premises in Painting”, University of Rhode Island, Kingston (catalogue)
“Secret Exhibition”, Chelsea Hotel, New York
1978  Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; Curator: Sara Breitberg (catalogue)
“Deductive Figures in Painting”, Riebenfeld Gallery, Jaffa
“Deductive Premises in Space”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1977  “The Language of Art and the History of Art”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York
1976  “Figure, Form, Formula”, Max Protetch Gallery, Washington DC
1975  “Alaska Project Drawings”, Sara Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem; Rina Gallery, New York
“Dislocation: Moving an Immigrant’s Physical Space Into a Gallery”, Delson- Richter Gallery, Jaffa
“Figurative and Electronic Circuits”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York (catalogue)
“New Works”, Rina Gallery, New York
1974  “Activities”, Billy Rose Pavilion, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Yona Fischer (catalogue)
“Newsprints and Drawings”, Rina Gallery, New York
“Plans”, Delson-Richter Gallery,Tel Aviv
1972  “Total Art: From Landscape to Abstraction and from Nature to Art”, Dugit Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Exhibition of Etchings”, Cowshed of Kibbutz Nirim

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