Givon Art Gallery

Since its opening, Givon Art Gallery has been the leading gallery in Israeli Modernism.
Thanks to a strict ideology and extensive knowledge in the field, over the years the gallery has
been accompanying prominent Israeli artists as well as fostering emerging artists.

Givon Art Gallery
35 Gordon St., Tel Aviv

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday, 11am – 4pm

Friday & Saturday, 11am – 2pm

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Founded by Shmuel Givon & Noemi Givon in 1975.

* Please note that an artwork’s presentation on this website does not reflect its availability.

Noemi Givon Founder & Director |

Nurit Wolf Director |

Yonatan Kaplan Assistant |

Givon Art Forum
3 Alroi St., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Givon Art Forum founded by Noemi Givon, is an initiative which seeks to address a perceived gap
between the activities of today’s private gallery and the museum. Situated in Neve Tzedek, Givon
Art Forum spans across two floors offering exhibitions, book launches, lectures and other events within
the art field. 

Open by appointment only. Please contact us by email at

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Givon Art Gallery and Givon Art Forum do not accept unsolicited artist submissions.