Moshe Gershuni

Moshe Gershuni was born in Tel Aviv, in 1936. He passed away in 2017.

1960-1964  Avni Art Institute

1978  Teachers Training College, Ramat Hasharon
1972-1977  Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

2015 Honorary Fellowship, Shenkar College, Tel Aviv
2013 Honorary doctorate, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
2006 Honorary Fellow of Bezalel, Centennial Award
2003 The Israel Prize for Art
1989 Kolb Prize, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
1988 Minister of Culture Prize for Painting and Sculpture
1982 Sandberg Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1969 Aika Brown Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1997 Rehearsals for Departure. 78 mins. Directed by Ziva Postek

Selected public collections
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Museum of modern Art Haifa, Israel
Ein Harod Museum, Israel
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Jewish Museum, New York
Getty Museum, Los Angles
Skirball Museum, Los Angles
Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina
Kunstmuseum, Dusseldorf
British Museum, London
Groningen Museum, Groningen, Pays Bas

Solo Exhibitions
“What will Survive”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015 “Germania”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2014 “No Father No Mother”, Nationalgalerie Berlin
2011 “ET HOMO FACTUS EST”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 “Gershuni*“, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
2009 “Summer 2009”, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 The municipal Gallery, Kfar Saba
2006 “untitled”, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2003 “Ein Harod”, Museum Ein Harod
2001  Salto Mortale, Contemporary Gallery, Berlin
He Who Saw, University Ben Gurion, Be’er Sheva
The New Paintings, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2000 New Photography, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Pietros, Art Focus, Jerusalem
1999  Artist Studio Tel Aviv, (with photographer Sosh Kormosh)
No Mother no Father, Kibbutz Beari
Artist’s Slant, Israel Museum Jerusalem
Bialik Ginsberg Gershuni, Centrum Yudaicum, Berlin
1998 Coming Home, Line 16 Gallery, Tel Aviv
Gallery Pierre Brulle, Paris
1997 Pititani: Prints 96-97, Jerusalem Print Workshop Galley, Jerusalem
Prints, Har-El Printers and Publishers, Tel Aviv
1996 Mehr Light, Gallery Hubertus Wunchik, Germany
The next of Kin, Schwabisch Gemund, Germany, (with Shlomo Koren)
Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv, (with Raffi Lavie)
1995 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
The next of Kin, European Cultural Center, Erfurt, Germany
1994 I’m a Soldier, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Gallery Hubertus Wunchik, Germany
1993 Gallery Hubertus Wunschik, Dusseldorf, Germany
Gallery Michal Hasenclever, Munick, Gerrmany
Gallery W.Asperger, Strassburg, Germany
Artist Studio Gallery, Tel Aviv
The Museum of Modern Art Rmat-Gan
1992 I know, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 Overbeck-Gesellschaft, Lubeck, Germany
Deson-Saunders Gallery, Chicago
Works 1987-1990, Tel Aviv Museum
1989 The Green Series, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
Deson Saunders Gallery, Chicago
Michael Hasenclever Gallery, Munich
1988 Thirteen Etchings for Poems by C.N.Bialik, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Jewish Ceramics, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
1987 Painting on Paper, Michael Hasenclever Gallery, Munich
Sham (There), Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
Budapest Series, Art Workshop Jerusalem, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
For My Brethren and Companions’ Sakes, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
1986 Repetitions, Art Workshop Gallery, Yavne
For Man and Beast Are Creatures of Chance, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1985 Etchings and Silk-screens, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Mishkenot Sha’ananim, J. Robert Fisher Hall, Jerusalem
1984 Hai Cyclamens, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Memories and Consolations, Sarah Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem
Etchings and Silk-screens, Jerusalem Print Workshop
I.C.A. Boston, Massachusetts
1983 Westfalicher Kunstverein, Munster, W Germany
1982 Sei Mir Gegrusst, Sei Mir Gekusst, Kunstmuseum, Dusseldrof
Five Yellow Paintings, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1981 Hey, Soldier, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Art Basel, represented by Givon Gallery
Swart Gallery, Amsterdam
1980 With the Blood of My Heart, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Red Sealing/Theater, Venice Biennale
1979 Little Red Works, Sarah Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
1978 Who’s a Zionist and Who isn’t, Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
1975 Kibbutz Metser, Menashe Region
1974 Benedictus,Yodfat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1966 The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions
2017 “Behold the Man: Jesus in Israeli Art”, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2015 The 6th Biennale for Drawing in Jerusalem
2013 “Fresh Paint | Contemporary Art & Design Fair Tel Aviv”
1999 Visions of Light, Israel Museum Jerusalem
Hackmey Collection, Tel Aviv Museum
Childhood, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Common Ground, Contemporary Landscapes From Israel and Ohio
Red works, Aviva Uri and Moshe Gershuni, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
12 Big Works, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
About Raffie, Beit Berl
1998 The lesser Light, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
After Rabin: New art from Israel, Jewish Museum, New York
Perspectives on Israel art of the Seventies, Museum Tel Aviv
The eyes of the Nation, Tel Aviv Museum
Last Exhibition, Gallery Sara Levi
Flag Nation, Pyramid, Haifa
Livres D’artistes, Institute Francaise, Tel Aviv
Recent Works, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
To the East: Orientalism, lsrael Museum Jerusalem
Harel Print Shop, Passage de Retz, Paris
1997 In Prison Without Trial, Beit Haam, Tel Aviv
Painting on Non-Regular Surface, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Jerusalem Print Workshop, Midrsha Ramat Hasharon
Book Obsession, Tel Aviv Museum
Series, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Still in Eden, Rehovot Municipal Gallery
1996 Juden Fragen, Jewish Museum, Vienna
Long memory Short memory, City Gallery, North Carolaina Ketav: Flesh and Wound in Israeli Art, Ackland Museum, North Carolina
Opening Exhibiton, Haifa Museum
Word Paintings, Metula Poetry Festival
Visions of a New Mourning, Hambacher Schloss, Germany
Map of Memory, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
1995 Common Instincts-Familiar Senses, Gallery Wunchik, Dusseldorf
Where is Abel, Thy Brother?, Gallery National warsaw , Poland
Where to?, Palastine – Israeli exposition, NRW, Germany
Myth and Metaphor, Jewish Museum, Sydney, Austrlia
After Rabin, Creation Galley, Segera, Israel
1994 Building Bridges, Meridian Center, Washington
The Printer’s Inprint, Israel museum, Jerusalem
Along New Lines: Israeli Drawing Today, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Anxiety, The Museum of Modern Art, Ramat Gan
Grobe Kunstausstellung NRW, Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf, Germany
1993 Look Who’s Talking: A View of Israeli Art, Gallery Wunschik, Dusseldorf
Being German, Stadtische Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf, Germany
From the Inside Out, Jewish Museum, New York
1992 Combined Painting-Collage-Object, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Position Israel, Hocherl-Asperger Collection, Kunstlerhaus , Germany
Routes of Wandering, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1991 Art in Israel Today, The Detroit Institute of Art
1990 Print Today, Artists House, Tel Aviv
Drawing and Beyond, Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Drawing and Material, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
The Jewish Experience in the Art of Twentieth Century, Barbican, London
On Paper/ In Paper/ With Paper, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1989 Israeli Art, Svea Gallery, Stockholm
Jarl Borgens Collection, Silkborg Art Museum, Denmark
In the Shadow of Conflict, Jewish Museum, New York
Les Magiciens de la terre, Center Pompidou, Paris
Etchings for Poems, Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem
Jerusalem Print Workshop: a Decade of Print Making, Tucson, Arizona
1988 C. Majorkas Collectoin, Copenhagen
Haifa: Portrait of the City, Haifa Museum of Art
Judaica: Here and Now, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
The Binding of Isaac in Israeli Art, Museum of Modern Art, Ramat Gan
Black/White, Ben Ari Museum Bat Yam
A People Builds its Land, Herzliya Museum
Man Has Many Images, Museum of Modern Art, Ramat Gan
1987 C. Majorkas Collection, Zug, Switzerland
Israeli Art, Foreign Office Shows, Sweden Finland
Artist/Format, Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan
1986 The Want of Matter: a Quality in Israeli Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Israeli Art, Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid: Palao Robert Barcelona
1985 Catastrophe, Jerusalem Theatre
Israeli Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp
Towards a Mythology without Gods, Artist house Jerusalem
Works on Paper, Turske and Turske Galley, Zurich
Milestones in Israeli Art, Israel Museum Jerusalem
1984 Two Years of Israeli Art: Qualities Accumulated, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Contemporary Israeli Art, Majorkas Collection, Bat Yam Museum
Flesh and Blood, Jerusalem Theatre, Herzeliya Museum, Be’er Sheva University
1983 Tel Hai Contemporary Art Meeting, Galilee
Knoedler Gallery, Zurich
Art as a Mirror of Itself, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Color Red, Omanut La’am Traveling exhibition
1982 Here and Now, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Kunst NU, Kunst Unserer Zeit, Wilhelmshaven, Groningen
Bilder sind nicht verboten, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
1981 Trends in Israel Art, Art Basel 81
A New Spirit, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1980 Lines into Drawing, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Borders, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel-Hai Contemporary Art Meeting, Galilee
1979 Performance 79, Artist House, Tel Aviv
1978 Eight Israelis, CACY, Buenos Aires
Artist-Society-Artist, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
1976 Bertha Urdang Gallery, Jerusalem
Performance 76, Artist House, Tel Aviv
1975 Open Workshop, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1974 Beyond Drawing, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Five Rooms, Artist House, Jerusalem
Self Portrait in Israeli Art, Haifa Museum of Art
1972 Affidavit, Gallery House, London
1971-75 Activities with Micha Ulman and Avital Geva in Hadera region
1971 Concept and Information, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Looking Up, University of Rochester, New York
Fall Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1970 Fall Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1969 Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil
Fall Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1968-70 10+ Group, Tel Aviv
1968 Fall Exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Stop Green, Artists House, Jerusalem

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