Israel Kabala

Born in 1984 in Yavne, Israel
Lives and works in Rehovot, Israel

2008-2009 Personalized program, Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl Academy

Solo Exhibitions
2019 In the Dead of Night I, Ashdod Art Museum, Curator: Yuval Biton
2017 A Mouse and a Turtle Would Seem to their Lover as Two Lights, Givon Art Forum, Tel Aviv. Curated by Noemi Givon
2015 Boydem, Artist House, Tel Aviv. Text by Moran Shoub
2011 Meltings, Hanut Gallery, Tel Aviv
Plastic in Albatross, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions
Drawing Attention, Givon Gallery
2015 Fixes, Pass Port Gallery, Tel Aviv. With Assi Meshulam
2014 Quiet Branches, Hanut Gallery, Tel Aviv. With ???
2012 The Flesh and the Spirit, kibutz nir oz With Assi Meshulam & Uri Katzenstein

In the Dead of Night I, Ashdod Art Museum, curator: Yuval Beaton. Texts: Michal Na’aman, Gilad Melzer ׂ(Hebrew link) here
The Window, Smadar Seffi, (Hebrew link) – here
Haaretz, Food, Hedai Offaim, (Hebrew link) – here
Erev-Rav, Yonatan Amir, (Hebrew link) – here
Maariv, Art & Stage, Ruth Zuaretz (Hebrew link) – here

ישראל קבלה