Yaara Zach, Tent (detail), 2019-2020, fur coats, sportswear, tent, latex, stainless steel, paint, steel cable, variable dimensions
Nurit David, My mother as painted by Picasso in 1956, 2015, oil on canvas, 195*345 cm
Maya Attoun, Solar Plexus, 2019, screen print, Mdf, variable dimensions
Marik Lechner, Swimming Pool, 2019, Wool and Polyester, 270X300cm
Lior Tamim, Transistor, 2021, silver-coated bronze object (size 7x15 cm), copper antenna, 2” speaker and amplifier, variable dimensions
Jonathan Hirschfeld, Untitled, 2020, oil on paper, 100x140 cm
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רחוב גורדון 35, תל-אביב

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