Monthly Offers

September 2019

New selection of works from the gallery collection on special offer

*indicated prices before VAT
Moshe Gershuni, Good Soldier, 1981, glass paint, industrial varnish and various materials on coated paper, 70x100 cm (p.172 in Gershuni, Tel-Aviv Museum)
28.000 ILS
Moshe Kupferman, 1983, mixed media on paper, 70x100 cm

15.000 ILS

Raffi Lavie, Untitled, 2002, acrylic and pencil on plywood, 122x122 cm (image no.38 in the Israeli Pavilion 53rd Venice Biennale)
35.000 ILS
Nurit David, Untitled, 1996, mixed media on paper, 100x70 cm
8.000 ILS
Marik Lechner, Untitled, 2018, oil on canvas, 53x63 cm

16.000 ILS

Gabriel Klasmer, Untitled, 2003, pigment color and aluminium on canvas, 118x118 cm
18.000 ILS