Tamar Hirschfeld

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“Red South”, One person exhibition at Dana Art Gallery in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Israel
ETH[N]ICS, group exhibition at Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Schwartze and a brief history of mankind”, Graduate Show 2013, MFA, Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Investigation New Ways of living”, a workshop with Andrea Zittel and James Trainor, A-Z west, California
“Compound 21”, Haifa, Israel
“Raising Star”, Hertzelia Museum of Contamporary Art, Curator: Dalia Levin
“Goods”, Bat-Yam Museum. Curetor: Joshua Simon and Liz Hagag.
“Iconophilia”, institute Notre Dame, Jerusalem. Curators Leah Abir, Smadar Keren.
“Women Artists in Space”, The new and the Bad gallery, Haifa, Israel. Curator: Natalie Levin.
“Fresh Paint” art fair, the artist greenhouse, Tel Aviv.
“Kongo”, Ha-Midrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Boaz Arad.
“Home Made Teasers”, as part of the performance group of Spartacus Chatwynd, The New Museum, New York
“Goldfish”, ST-Art gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tamir Lichtenberg.
“sigh of relief”, Ashdot Yaacov museum. curator: Natalie Levin.
“produits dérivés”, “La Zonme” gallery, Nice, France. Curator: Thomas Golsen.
“SOLD”, “La non Maison” gallery, Aix-en-Provence, France. Curator: Harel Luz.
“Feast your eyes”. Darom Gallery, Tel Aviv.
“Equal and Less Equal”, Museum on the Seam, Jérusalem. Curator: Alona Friedberg.
“Overture”, Artists workshops Tel Aviv. Curator: Ronen Leibmann

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