Pinchas Cohen Gan

Selected Images

Solo Exhibitions (selection)
1972 – “Total Art: From Landscape to Abstraction and from Nature to Art”, Dugit Gallery, Tel Aviv
1972 – “Exhibition of Etchings”, Cowshed of Kibbutz Nirim
1974 – “Activities”, Billy Rose Pavilion, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curator: Yona Fischer (catalogue)
1974 – “Newsprints and Drawings”, Rina Gallery, New York
1974 – “Plans”, Delson-Richter Gallery,Tel Aviv
1975 – “Alaska Project Drawings”, Sara Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem; Rina Gallery, New York
1975 – “Dislocation: Moving an Immigrant’s Physical Space Into a Gallery”, Delson- Richter Gallery, Jaffa
1976 – “Figurative and Electronic Circuits”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York (catalogue)
1976 – “New Works”, Rina Gallery, New York
1976 – “Figure, Form, Formula”, Max Protetch Gallery, Washington DC
1977 – “The Language of Art and the History of Art”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York
1978 – Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; Curator: Sara Breitberg (catalogue)
1978 – “Deductive Figures in Painting”, Riebenfeld Gallery, Jaffa
1978 – “Deductive Premises in Space”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1979 – “Deductive Premises in Painting”, University of Rhode Island, Kingston (catalogue)
1979 – “Secret Exhibition”, Chelsea Hotel, New York
1980 – Max Protetch Gallery, New York
1980 – “Phrase, Utterance, Claim”, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
“Deductive Premises in Space: 1. Entropy (painting); 2. Imprisoned Geometry (etching)”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1981 – “Works on Paper”, Galleriet Gallery, Lund, Sweden
1981 – “Deductive Premises: The Curved Space (Non-Euclidean Geometry)”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York
1981 – “Image Drawings: The Curved Space (Non-Euclidean Geometry)”, Noemi Givon Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (catalogue)
1981 – “Area Drawings”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1981 – “Space Drawings”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1982 – San Francisco Art Institute; curator: Mark Rosenthal (catalogue)
1982 – “Black Sabbath”, Max Protetch Gallery, New York
1982 – “Abyss Painting”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1982 – “Sweet Poison: Light-Sensitive Drawings”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1982 – “Men at Work: Seven Large Paintings”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1983 – Museum of Art, Ein Harod, and Haifa Museum of Art; curators: Galia Bar Or, Mordechai Omer, Gavriel Tadmor (catalogue)
1984 – “Works”, Sara Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem
1984 – “Reinforced Photography”, Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv
1985 – “Metaformal Art”, Tat-Rama Gallery, Tel Aviv
1985 – “The 15th District”, Mabat Gallery, Tel Aviv
1985 – “Homeland B: A Painting Model”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1986 – “Paintings”, Maimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1986 – “A Jewish Holocaust Touches Me”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1986 – “Painting and Antithesis”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1987 – Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot Gallery; Kibbutz Kabri Gallery
1987 – “Paintings”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 – “Hovering Heads”, Maimad Katan Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 – “Ten Commandments (Decalogue): Paintings”, Maimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 – “Pictures Speak: Paintings from the Bank of Tears”,
1988 – “Prints 1968-1988”, Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan; curator: Mordechai Omer
1988 – “Cosmos, Pathos, Chaos”, Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 – “The Fourth World”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1989 – “Jew”, Maimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 – A Thousand Years of Pain and Grace”, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem
1990 – “Paintings Remember”, Artists Studio, Tel Aviv
1990 – “New Works: Anafranil 25 mg”, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 – “From the Private I to Inside Me”, Arad Museum
1992 – “And These Are the Names”, Istanbul International Art Biennial; curator:Galia Bar Or
1992 – “Works on Paper 1969-1992”, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Talia Rapaport (catalogue)
1993 – “Religious Art:They and We”, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
1994 – “Remaking of History”, Museum of Art, Ein Harod; curator: Galia Bar Or
1996 – “Figure, Form, Formula”, Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina; curators: Ruth Beesch, Kristine Stiles (catalogue)
1997 – Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997 – “Where Are We Heading?: Blind Obedience to an Immoral Duty”, Minerva Gallery, Tel Aviv
2000 – The Architecture of Evil in the Third Reich: A Tri-Thematic Installation in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)
2001 – “A Response to the Aesthetics of Evil in the Third Reich from the Viewpoint of a Levantine Jew”, Installation in painting, sculpture and books, Kibbutz Nirim
2006 – “The Art of Excess”, Gallery of the Art Institute, Oranim College; curator:David Wakstein (catalogue)
2008 – “Large Format Works”, Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 – “When My Redemption Comes I Shall Treasure My Tears: Works 1970–Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Galia Bar Or (catalogue)

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