Pesach Slabosky

Press & Publication
Selected Images

2010 Amazing Scenes from Pesach’s Studio”
1997 Pesach Comes to Town, Rotem Belva

2008 “For the Fallen” (Works of Gabriel Kricheli) Jerusalem Artists’ House
“Women”, Barbur, Jerusalem
2006 “Shameless Painting in 2006”, Barbur, Jerusalem
2005 “Time to See”, Tal Esther Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999 “Navigator” (works of Moshe Kupferman) Kalisher Art School, Tel Aviv

2006 “Rage at Noon”, singer, with Dj. Blondie, Shoshana, Jerusalem

The Reconditioned Inspiration (book–Hebrew translation), Bezalel
Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem 1989
Special Project for Studio, Studio #58 (November-December 1994)
“Professional Artist”, bimonthly column in Studio, 1995 to present
“Living with Chaos” (about the Kandinsky exhibit at the Israel Museum)
Studio #109
“Four Very Short Essays about Moshe Kupferman”, Studio #112
“Rembrandt’s Time” (a review of Rembrandt’s Eyes by Simon Schama)
Studio #122
All writings in Studio are in Hebrew translation.
“For Your Eyes Only” (English) in the catalogue of “Never Did Anything
Hard” (see above)
“Pesach Comes to Town”, conversation with Moshe Ninio and Uri Tsaig
(Hebrew) in the catalogue of “Never Did Anything Hard”
“The Artist Pesach Slabosky Attempts a Civilized Reply to Galia Yahav’s Article in the Previous Issue of Ma’ayan”, Ma’ayan#5, 2009

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