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Stage, Theater and Film Design
2014 -2016
Non troppo– set design for a dance by Guy Gutman Company. Commissioned and founded by the Pais Culture Council 2014. Preformed in 2016 Israel festival.
Alterman, a Poet about town, reconstruction of theater sets of plays written and translated
by N. Alterman. Curator: Sara Turel, designer Hadas Ofrat, Eretz Israel museum, Tel Aviv
Lighting design for the Tel-Hai historical museum, as part of a large scale conservation scheme for one hundred historical sites, Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, with Architect Shmulik DavidsonIsraelite in the Individual. Props and weaponry design for a film by Gavriel Ben Chorin, M.E.R.I productions, Jerusalem
Death in Sleepers by Amitai Yaish. Stage design for a performance in collaboration with Noam Dover and Yoav Reches, Hama’abada Theater, Jerusalem
The Rite of spring (after Stravinsky) by Rubi Edelman. Stage design for a performance in collaboration with Eitan Ronel and Ariel Efron, The Acco Festival

Music & Sound

Groups and Bands
Same World Trio with Pesach Slabosky and Avi Sabach
Ysrael 3 with Nevo Savoray and Ben Yehova
2005 – present
M.I with Osnat (blondy) Rosa and Gadi Blori
Maarof with Nevo Savoray, Ben Yehova & Gadi Blori
Hana+Hasiba with Binyamin Oren
Kishalon with Binyamin Oren and Rocky B
Computer to every child with Roy Etinger and Yoav Tubul
zax&lala with Eran Saches
Nisayon with Binyamin Oren, Eran Zachs, Ariel Efron and Niv Chachlili

Music for Film, Cellular and Stage
2009 -2013
kou kutso, Live music for a performance by ZIK group
Achushiling SINGULAR, soundtrack to r a dance by the Yasmin Godar Dance Company
Buster Keaton’s Cops, Live soundtrack to a screening of a film by Buster Keaton in collaboration with Eran Zachs, 2001 International Film Festival, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv cinematheque
SandBox, Music for a film by Maya Levi and Yonatan Schochat with the students of the School for Visual Theatre. Te’imot Machol (Dance Bites) Festival, Hazira Performance Art arena, Jerusalem; Gvanim baMachol (Shades of Dance)Festival #3, Suzan Dalal Center, Tel Aviv; Vdance Festival, the Tel Aviv cinematheque
Zlengo, sound design for a cellular interface
The Making of Twenty, music for a film by Yuval Rimon, Zik Productions, Israel
Trouble in Mind, music for a film by Yuval Rimon, Zik Productions, Israel, Berlin
Twenty, music for a performance by Zik Group in collaboration with Binye Reches and Haim Peramount, Acco Festival
Contra-Cholera, music for a performance by Yoav Raynes, School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem
Iceollatio, Live music for a performance by Shiri Asa, Keren Dambinski and Ayelet Friedman, School of Visual Theater, Jerusalem
THE WAKE (after James Joyce), Live music and video Art in collaboration with Binyamin Oren, Eran Zachs and Niv Chachlili, Hazira Performance Art Arena, Jerusalem
Nisayon (“Trial”) – a musical ensemble. Live shows with improvisational music for videos. A collaboration with Binyamin Oren, Eran Zachs, Niv Chachlili and Ariel Efron. The show was performed in several venues including Hazira Performance Art Arena and the Tel Aviv cinematheque.

Not for something Gabi Lala and Rocky B, Miklatshachen Records
Straight 1, Lior Ashkenazi, Gabi Lala, Vadim and Alon Ovnat. M.E.R.I Records
One Spoke, Gabi Lala and Nevo Savorai. Shoshana Records
Yisrael 3 with Yisrael band, documentation of a live performance in the Rosa Pub. Shoshana Records 010
Zalafey Zion (Zion Snipers). Shoshana Records 006
Mille plateaux: Bizz Circuits play Intifada Offspring vol1, Nisbar Li Ha’zyin
Electronic Facts (v.a.). Fact Records
Ma’aroof: Opium + 4X4 On the Way to Gaza. Shoshana Records 005
Loo Hooky 032 – Gabi Lala. DJ set. –Lhdocument032- “loo_hoki_032- gabi lala”
Gabi Lala – Hagar’in Hakashe – Live, documentation of a live performance in the Jerusalem Chan Theater. LHmiriam001- gabi lala live- “hagarin hakashe”
Gabi Lala: Lalasing Lalasong. Miklataklitim 007, -miklat007- gabi lala- “lalasing lalasong
2003 Hana + Hasiba: l.h.o.o.q. Miklataklitim 005, miklat005- hana + hasiba – “l.h.o.o.q”
2002 Loo Hooky 016 – Gabi Lala, DJ set, Miklataklitim, LH document 016, -LHdocument016- “loo_hoki_016- gabi lala”
2002 Kisahlon – Burned, Miklataklitim LH minus 003, – LHminus003- kishalon- “burned”
2002 Mar Mimavet – v.a., Miklataklitim Lh minus 001, – LHminus001- v.a – “mar mimavet”
2002 Hana + Hasiba: Slow 1.0, Miklataklitim 003, – miklat003- hana + hasiba – “slow1.0”

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