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Publications and Catalogues:
Kav 4/5, Kav, Magazine for Contemporary Art. p.71-74.
The Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, Gabi Klasmer Paintings.
XVII Bieanal de Sao Palo, Catalogue.
Artist Exhibit in Eilon.
Gallery X+ , Brussels 1984.
“1983-1984” Two Years Israeli Art.Qualities Accumulated.- “Contemporary Art form Israel”, Chicago USA
“Flash Art” Magazine, March 1984, p.72.
Israeli and Palestinian Artists Against Occupation – For freedom of Expression.
“Kunst in Israel”, 1906-1985, Konninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp.
“Milestones in Israeli Art”, The Israeli Museum, Jerusalem.
Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, L.A.
“Israel Art Today, the Concerned Eye”, Port of History Museum, Philadelphia.
“Colour Territories”, 42nd Int, Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale.
“Down with the occupation 1967-1987”
“1980’s Art From Israel”, Lund, Sweden.
:- “Nine Israeli Painters”, Kunsthause, Zurich/Orangerie, Hanover.
“Fresh paint-The young generation in Israeli Art”, Tel Aviv Museum.
“Kav 9” Magazine for contemporary art, p105.
“Binationale Israel/USSR”, Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf/Moscow.
“Conteporana-Int. Art Magazine”, March 1990, p.69-75.
“Barclays Young Artist Award” Serpentine Gallery, London.
“Roots of Wandering”, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
“postscripts”, Tel Aviv University Gallery.
“Position Israel”, Kunsthaus, Berlin.
“Studio” Magazine for contemporary art, Jan1993, p.24-58.
“Studio”, May 1993, p.15-19.
“Subtropical”, Israel painting, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv
“Tel Aviv in tracks of the Bauhaus”, Tel Aviv.
Grosse kunst Ausstellung, Dusseldorf.
Office in Tel Aviv.
“Wir Hier”, Westdeutscher Kunstelerbund Recklinghauen.
“Ultima”, Cosmic Images in Israeli art.
Gabriel Klasmer, 23rd Internationale Biennale, Ao Palo.
Terminal No 1, 2, Station Transformation, Feb, Aug1996.
Terminal No 3, Station Transformation, Feb 1997.
“The Seventies in Israeli Art”, Tel Aviv Museum.
“The Eyes of a Nation”, Tel Aviv Museum.
“Vision of Light, A Century of Watercolour in Israel”, The Israel Museum, Jeusalem and MOD publishing house.
“The Mechanized sublime ways of observing in the works of Degannit Berest, Yizhak Livine, Gabriel Klasmer, The Genia Schrieber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University.
Gabriel Klasmer, Square Panitinngs, Galerie Pierre Brulle, Paris.
“Sun”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Massages to the Millenium, Israeli art Today, The museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan.
Love at first sight, The Vera silivia, and Srtuo Scwarz collection of Israeli Art, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Focus on Painting Haifa Museum of Art.
“Grid image in Israeli Art”, University of Haifa, The Art Gallery
“Chain Reaction”, Israeli Jewelry 2. Eretz Israel Museum , Tel Aviv
Studio Art Magazine No 145 August 2003 “Painting about Life and death” Itamar Levy , On Line Conversation between Klasmer and Jerzy Michalowicz.

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